Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Cotswold Cup?

The Cotswold Cup is an unaffiliated eventing series. The Cotswold Cup will bring together a selection of high standard unaffiliated events culminating in a Championships at the end of the season. Horse and rider combinations gain points across the events qualifying them for the Championships.

How do I qualify for the Championships?

To qualify, a combination quite simply need to accumulate as many points as they can across a single level (80cm, 90cm or 100cm).

Points will be issued at all qualifiers as follows:

  • 1st      75 pts
  • 2nd     69 pts
  • 3rd      63 pts
  • 4th      57 pts
  • 5th      51 pts
  • 6th      45 pts
  • 7th      39 pts
  • 8th      33 pts
  • 9th      27 pts
  • 10th    21 pts

Double clears outside of the top ten placings receive 19 pts.

A top percentage of the leaderboard (the exact amount is entirely dependent upon how many compete across the series and how well everyone does) will then go forward to the Champs.

Can we compete at more than one level across the series?

You are welcome to compete at more than one level across the qualifiers but your qualifying points will be taken from the level that you score the most at. 

Does the rider gain the points or the horse?

Points are awarded to horse and rider combinations with points given for 1st to 10th and also to double clears outside of the top ten places.

Is the series open to all?

Yes, anyone over the age of 10 can take part. Each class will be split into under 18’s and open. ​

How do you enter?

Once entries are open, visit this website and click on the ENTER HERE button. Easy as that!

Where will times and results be posted?

On the website under the relevant times and results tabs.

Is there a junior section?

Yes there is! Under 18’s will be competing at the Championships for an invitation to our prestigious winners’ day among other prizes!

If I am a Junior and I compete in a Senior section can I still gain points?

Please note – if you are a junior and you compete in a senior section the points from that competition will not count towards your qualification. ​

Does leading the points over the series give me an advantage at the Championships?

No it doesn’t. The top qualifying scores go forward to the Championships where the slate is wiped clean and everyone competes for the win on the day!

Can I ride more than one horse at the Championships?

Yes you can! Provided the horse/rider combination has gained the points.

What rules apply?

Events are run according to Cotswold Cup Rules

What vaccination rules apply?

Horses must have had the initial course of vaccinations, then annually thereafter.

Is the Cotswold Cup open to professionals?

Yes professionals are able to compete in the qualifiers, however if they have competed at affiliated Advanced level or above, they are not eligible to gain qualification points and are not permitted to enter the 70cm, 80cm or 90cm Championships. The 100cm Championships are open to all. 

Who’s organising the Cotswold Cup?

The series has been put together by a number of passionate organisers that are based in and around the Cotswolds. Between us we have a vast amount of organising experience and we wanted to offer something different to the unaffiliated market. 

Will there be a balloting system for entries? 

No, entries will be done on a first come first served basis. Waitlists will then be used and we will accommodate as many combinations as possible at each venue.

Where will results be published?

All results will be published here on the Cotswold Cup Website.

How will I know if I have qualified for the Championship?

You will receive an email from us to let you know that you have qualified for the Championship, the entries for the Championship will also be done on a first come first served basis.

If my new horse has gained affiliated points with its previous rider are we able to enter a Cotswold Cup Qualifier?

Yes you will be able to enter the event but unfortunately you will not be able to gain points toward the Championships. Foundation points are permitted but the horse cannot have gained any points recognised by an affiliated body in the current season or previous two seasons prior to the event.

Does the combination have to stay at one level for the whole season?

No, they can chose to compete in whatever level they wish, but they will only be able to qualify for one section at the Championships. 

We will continue to add to these frequently asked questions but if you have a question or something is unclear please do get in touch and we will be happy to answer.